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6 Cool Things about Georgia (the country)

And Owly checks out ancient... Stamps? at the Georgian National Museum

Dear Classical Wisdom Kids,

Before we went to Georgia (the country, not the state as Owly likes to remind me), I had no idea just how rich the ancient history would be. I mean, we had our suspicions… since Jason and the Argonauts had so much reason to travel here…but who knew that they were seriously rich!?

If you want to learn more about the treasures found in Colchis (ancient Georgia) then you can see our Classical Wisdom newsletter on the riches found at the ancient sites (along with pictures of the beautiful jewelry) below…

But first, we have some fun facts for you, along with a bit of commentary from Owly at the Georgian National Museum above.

Also, Classical Wisdom Kid Members: Watch your inboxes for our Jason and Medea games, coming out later this week!

SIX Cool Things about Georgia (the country, not the state)

1. Georgia is Home to the FIRST humans in Europe

The oldest human skulls in the Caucasus, belonging to a 1.8 million year old couple called Zezva and Mzia, were found during an archaeological expedition in Dmanisi.

Frida studying the ancient skulls

2. Georgians have a different name for their country

Folks here call it Sakartvelo and call themselves Kartveli, which most probably derives from a central region in Georgia – Kartli. But where does the word Georgia come from, you may ask? It could be from St George, the patron saint of this country… or Georgi, the Greek name for agricultural tribes… We just don’t know!


3. It has its own unique language

The Georgian language has a unique influence from Greek and Iranian languages which has resulted in its very own alphabet. There have been three different iterations of the language throughout its history, but the language that is used today is made up of 33 letters… It is considered one of three most complex languages in the world!

4. You can visit Prometheus’ Cave

Prometheus the Titan and his brother Epimetheus were given the task of creating man. However, they managed to annoy the god Zeus by stealing fire from the gods for man... and as a result of this, Zeus ordered his servants to seize Prometheus, take him to the Caucasus Mountains and chain him to a rock with unbreakable bonds, where he would be subjected to a giant bird pecking at his liver. Legend has it that the rock Prometheus was chained to lies in a cave outside Kutaisi, Georgia.

If you are worried about Prometheus, don’t fret- the Greek Hero Hercules saved him from his terrible fate.

Liberation of Prometheus, by Carl Bloch, 1864, Ribe Kunstmuseum, Denmark

5. The world’s deepest Cave is in Georgia

Apparently caves are a thing here, as the Veryovkina Cave in the Gagra Mountain range is the deepest cave in the word, reaching a mind-boggling depth of 2,212m (7,257ft).

6. They liked Turtle and Horse Jewelry

Ancient Georgians from the kingdoms of Colchis and Iberia had LOTS of Gold. In fact, Jason and the Argonauts probably went here in search of treasure. Today at the National Georgian Museum you can see the Treasury, full of amazing jewelry - including a necklace of golden turtles and earrings in the shape of horses:

You can learn more about Georgia’s ancient golden history with our Classical Wisdom newsletter. See the riches found at the ancient sites, along with MORE pictures of the beautiful jewelry, here:

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We’re heading off to Armenia on an overnight train - so Frida and Owly will check in soon from Yerevan!

All the best,
Anya Leonard

Founder and Director
Classical Wisdom

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