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Ancient Space Challenge!

Planet Games and Worksheets

Dear Classical Wisdom Kids, 

Time to bring the past to the future! One of the coolest things about learning about the ancient world is seeing references to it everywhere... even in space! 

We talked last week about WHY the planets are named after the ancient gods and goddesses... So now it’s time to practice the names of the planets as well as their order. We have a LOT of fun worksheets as well as group and individual games below (Planet Dress Up, anyone?).

Classical Wisdom Kid Members, enjoy this week’s fun activities below. 

If you didn’t get a chance to read about the history of naming the stars after deities, you can do so here (as well as enjoy the video from Laika):

Finally, enjoy Laika’s classical reference challenge above! Did you know that every space mission comes with its own badge? Can you find all the ancient Greek and Roman references below? 

Write in and let us know!

Now… for Planet word search, Planet/God match, “Who am I?”, “Planet Throw” and “Planet Dress up”… below.

All the best,

Anya Leonard

Founder and Director

Classical Wisdom and Classical Wisdom Kids

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Worksheets and Games

Find the Planets and Shuttles!

Reinforce the names of the planets and space programs as well as the ancient gods and goddesses. Download our word search here: 

Planets And Space Shuttle Word Search
155KB ∙ PDF file
Find the planet names named after the ancient gods and goddesses!

Match the Planets with their Gods and Goddesses

Connect the planet names with their ancient deity. Helps to reinforce the names and the order of the planet, as well as review the ancient pantheon. Practice writing out the names as well!

If it’s too easy for older kids, cut the gods and goddess into squares and rearrange them around the planets. You can also cut up the planets and make it even more difficult for those who know their solar system well. 

Download our worksheet here: 

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