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Hadrian was... what?

Seeing historical people from different perspectives...

Dear Classical Wisdom Kids,

Whenever we learn about historical persons, from any time or place, it’s important to look at them from all angles.

Some folks may be beloved in one country… and hated and feared in another. One place may see them as a liberator… another as a conqueror.

This has been an essential lesson while we are traveling in different regions. How Hadrian, the Roman emperor and one of the “Good Emperors”, appeared in Rome was different than in Turkey… and very different in Israel.

Owly today asks why do you think that is? Why are some leaders and thinkers liked somewhere and not somewhere else? Can you think of other examples?

This is a great opportunity to look at history from another standpoint… to question how we view our own historical characters and to appreciate that there is always two sides to any story.

All the best,

Anya Leonard

Founder and Director
Classical Wisdom


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