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Postcard from Corfu...

Medusa and more...

Hi guys, how are you? I’ve bought you a magical ticket to Corfu... flying on Owly’s back! Actually, I’m just going to tell you about the museum we went to there, one of Owly’s favorites. 

It’s called the Archaeological Museum of Corfu. Archaeology is the study of ancient things made by humans. 

[Dad’s Note: From the Greek “archaia” - ancient - and “logos” theory or study.]

This includes everything from spears, to ancient tools and even the Pyramids. 

At the museum in Corfu, we saw statues made of stone and also bronze. We also saw some cool statues just of heads, also known as “busts.” 

Here’s Glitter, Owly’s friend, pretending to drink from some ancient baby bottle. 

Glitter with an ancient baby bottle

Oh, Glitter, you’re so funny!

And there was Owly’s other friend, Paddle. She was playing with an ancient baby rattle in the video above! 

Then, we went to another room to see the top of the Temple of Artemis.

This was important because it had a carving of Medusa plus two lions/panthers. And on one side you can see her two children, Pegasus and... I can’t remember. [Dad’s Note: Chrysaor – a tough one, to be sure.] 

Medusa was a young woman who was in Athena’s temple when Poseidon attacked her. When Athena found out, she got mad and turned Medusa into a monster with snakes for hair, who could turn you to stone just by looking at you... which wasn’t very fair to Medusa! 

We also saw small clay statues, used in sacrifice…

And even a cute kitty cat... oh, wait! That’s a lion! I hope it doesn’t pounce on me. I better get Medusa over here to petrify it for me. Here it is, turned to stone:

Phew! That was close!

I hope you enjoyed your magical ticket to the Corfu museum! Now, I better run. It’s chicky’s birthday party and I’m already late. See you next week! Now Flap those wings, Owly!

Bye for now,


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