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Postcard from... Rhodes’ Ancient Invention Museum

By Frida Bowman

Hello guys and girls,

Welcome to today’s adventure around a teeny-tiny museum in Rhodes. (Don’t worry, it’s not a museum about roads.) Actually, it’s a museum about ancient inventions. 

First of all, Rhodes is an island in Greece. The museum is inside the walls of the old town. The walls were used in ancient times to protect the city. Whenever an army won a battle, they would tear down the city walls, but these walls still stand tall and proud. 

The museum itself is pretty impressive. The first thing we saw was a special cup. It was designed to not let anybody be greedy. When it was filled to the top, it would immediately drain out the bottom of the cup...maybe getting the king’s robe wet. This would teach kings and such not to be greedy and selfish. 

Here’s Owly, having a drink from the magical cup. “Remember, Owly, don’t be greedy!” (Don’t worry... Owly never is.)

Next, we saw one of the first cranes ever invented. (No, not the kind of bird... I mean the lifty-lift kind... you know, the kind that lifts things.) It was made of wood, with three sticks arranged like a tent. It had a pole between two of the sticks with handles to turn and wind some rope, which lifted a heavy rock very easily. Here I am, just taking it for a test drive.

Next, this thing over here, which looks like a slicer, is actually something to copy pictures. It could copy them bigger or smaller. 

And here, Owly thought she made a friend... then she realized it couldn’t talk. Poor Owly. We will have to find some more friends for her along the way. 

We also saw ancient games and puzzles***. Owly was so interested in playing with them that we had to drag her out to see the ancient robot! It was the first robot ever made in history. Here’s a picture...


The robot was used for pouring wine and water. It could even walk!

Finally, Owly found a gift store with some of the ancient inventions. I decided (after lots of thinking) to buy an ancient, portable clock. It works in four cities: Alexandria, Athens, Rome and of course Rhodes.

I put a video of it above!

Thanks for reading. See you next week for a new crazy adventure!

Frida (and Owly)

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***We are going to teach you how to play some of the ancient games Frida saw, how to make one of the puzzles… and a SUPER COOL secret code maker so you can pass messages…

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