Postcard from Tivoli, Italy

A Welcome Message from Frida

Dear Classical Wisdom Kids, 

This week we are going to try something new! And when I mean ‘we’ I mean the whole family.

In fact, today’s message comes from our 8 year old daughter, Frida, who will write a postcard every week. She’ll let you know about some of the sites we visit and what cool things about the ancient world we learned. Sometimes we’ll add a little video... sometimes a picture... sometimes both! 

But I won’t go on. Without further adieu, here’s Frida’s postcard: 

Hello from Tivoli! 

Welcome to our “junior grand tour.” Thank you for joining us! My name is Frida and I am writing this to you (with my daddy’s help) from our new “home”.

Right now, we are in Italy in a small town called Tivoli, which is near Rome. How did we get here? We traveled from our apartment in Buenos Aires, where we usually live, with a day layover in Miami.

After we landed in Rome, we took three trains, including one that was the wrong one. Eventually, we arrived to see a glorious day and a beautiful Airbnb apartment. We’re going to stay here for one month, plenty of time to enjoy lots of ice-cream (which the Italians call “gelato”) and see some ancient things. 

This past weekend we spent hiking up a hill and down a valley. I called it the “long cut.” But it was worth it, because there were so many stunning things to see along the way, including the Mermaid’s Grotto. To me, it seemed like the rocks were shaped like mermaid tails and horses, but maybe that was just me dreaming. 

We also saw two ancient temples, one round and one rectangular. The most ancient was the rectangular one. 

Next we visited the gift store. My favorite toy in the store was an owl stuffy, because it reminds me of the symbol for Classical Wisdom Kids. I named her Owly. She is going to join us on our trip, so keep an eye out for her along the way!

I put a video of Owly we took at the temples above!

Thanks for reading our newsletter. I’m going to write to you again next week. 



While Frida is very excited about this trip, she does miss her friends. We will be meeting up with a lot of family and friends along the way, but there will obviously be stretches without. So if you want to write a postcard back to Frida, please do! 

She’ll love to hear about what you are doing, wherever you are... and if you have been learning anything cool about the ancient world.  

Just reply to this email or write us at Classicalwisdomkids@gmail.com. We can even post responses!

Also, if you missed our cool Classical Kids Club games and activities from this week, make sure to check them out here. Included: Cloud in a Jar, Rainbow Runway, Coloring sheets, Rainbow DIY scratch sheets and much more! 

All the best,

Anya Leonard

Founder and Director

Classical Wisdom and Classical Wisdom Kids

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