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Marcus Aurelius' Birthday Video

Kids Q&A

Dear Classical Wisdom Kids,

A few weeks back it was the birthday of Marcus Aurelius, the Roman Emperor who loved Stoic Philosophy. To celebrate, Classical Wisdom and Plato’s Academy Centre put on a discussion with a few experts to talk about his life, his views and his legacy.

BUT… we also took questions from KIDS who wanted to know more about Marcus!

It was awesome, because as you probably already know, kids can look at a topic from a completely different view point. Plus, sometimes they ask questions we all think, but never think to ask!

So please enjoy the Kids Q&A section above.

PLUS, on May 20th we will be hosting the next event, “Choose Not to Be Harmed: Philosophy and Resilience.” Our kids segment was such a success, that we will be doing it again. So if you know any young curious minds who have questions either on Stoicism, Philosophy or Resilience, just let us know via email or comment below:

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In the meantime, please watch out for next week’s regularly scheduled lesson and activities. We’re traveling around Rome, making videos, writing stories and taking Owly with us! If you missed our new Postcard section (with a video from Tivoli), check it out here:

UPDATE: Frida is already receiving postcards and videos from other Classics loving kiddos from around the world! And let me tell you, she is ecstatic about making new friends. Feel free to write a postcard as well - and please specify whether we can post it publicly next week.

All the best,

Anya Leonard

Founder and Director

Classical Wisdom and Classical Wisdom Kids

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