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The Goddess and the Lion

Meeting Artemis in the afternoon

Dear Classical Wisdom kids,

It’s summer down here in Argentina… The sun is shining, friends are in town, and the holiday spirit is taking off. The lure to go outside and enjoy the beautiful weather in all the parks is just too overwhelming…

Fortunately, this city is full of classical references!

So we decided to take you with us to our local Ecoparque… and guess who we found there? None other than Artemis.

So please enjoy our short Owly video above and Classical Wisdom Kids Club members, we’ll send you a story about Artemis, along with worksheets, discussion points and more shortly… so you can learn about the Wonder Woman of the ancient world!

If you aren’t a member of our Kids Club, make sure to subscribe and unlock all our resources:

All the best,

Anya Leonard

Founder and Director

Classical Wisdom and Classical Wisdom Kids